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Introduction to enterprise

Suzhou Han Ke Xin Electronics Company Limited Is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, is a collection research and development, design, production, sales as one of professional electronic manufacturing enterprises. Since 2009 the company since its establishmentMutual benefit, the pursuit of excellence in managphilosophyement , Has been committed to electronic products R & D and production management. Have a crack team of staff, With excellent production environment and advanced production facilities.

The spirit of first-class service business purposes, allstaff to cooperate with absolute sincerity, through technical innovation and product development, promising results have been obtained. company R  D and production of electronic products through the ISO9000 quality system certification. have their own intellectual property rights.

In recent years, our company has successfully launched a series of new products, to target customers to provide a high level, a full range of services, products favored by the majority of customers.

Corporate philosophy

Han Ke Xin spirit

In order to create beyond, challenges will be successful.

In the setting of the target face, firm and indomitable, diligently strive after endless struggle, never give up; Not to change the established goal, only change the working method and strategy.

Enterprise purpose

Skills to create first-class, integrity to win the world.

Han Ke Xin people think; Development and the integrity of the eternal is the only way to get success

Quality policy:

The quality to the customer, the faith for the enterprise.

Product quality is the dignity of man, never work because of thing and cause repetitive error,

Competition concept:

The arena is always mocked the weak, Praise for the winner; Han Ke Xin people know: In front of their opponents do not retreat, the only way is the only way out.

Market concept:

Han Ke Xin people firmly believe that the market never give anyone grace, The market situation of different tears.

Financial concept:

Advocates practise economy, oppose extravagance and waste, Want beneficial result to management.

Customer concept:

Customer first, sincere interaction, mutual win-win situation, harmonious coexistence. Through our Han Ke xin sincerity and efforts, Make every potential customers become our regular customer.

The idea of staff:

Excellent enterprise depends on the creation of excellence, Excellence in the creation of relying on the excellent employees. The spirit of sharing, the principle of complementary advantages, Let the man do the right things right, Help the staff to provide a cradle and the creation space, Give full play to the staff's subjective initiative and creativity.

Han Ke Xin efforts goals:

Han Ke Xin 's vision is a beautiful picture, He expressed the staff of the company's dream, yearn. The final goal is to, The two five year plan to be able to be achieved, Our current work first around a core, Build brand Han ke Xin, Quality assurance, In accordance with the provisions of the time of delivery, Cost control.

Style of work

Seeking the truth and being pragmatic, Clear goals, Quick action, Rigorous style.